uPark || a prepaid-card parking PWA

with Konstantinos PANOS et al. | uPark-driver | uPark-inspector | uPark-admin

Un-e-Nav || a campus navigator PWA

with Aris NTOUMI et al. | UneNav

My Thesis

with Stathis KOLOVOS et al. | My Thesis | demo clip


with Antonios PSALLIDAS et al. | E-secretariat | demo clip 

Fair division: bankruptcy and bidding

with Angelos PAPADIMITRIOU et al. | en

The adventures of little Bob: play to understand popular algorithms

with Christos GEORGOVASSILOPOULOS | en | el

A game on European history

with Katerina GIANNOPOULOU and Evi PSARROU et al. | en | el

Draws: permute to obtain truly random groups

with Nikolaos CHARITOS | en

VNCS: Volunteers social Network for Critical Situations

with Merkouria DIMOPOULOU et al. | el

e-Ace: seat-booking e-Assistant for Cultural Events

with Angelos VARDAKIS et al. | el

E-compass: explore Gombrich's "The Story of Art" via visual memories

with Konstantinos KOLOKYTHAS et al. | en | el

The spatial distribution of TCS Conferences in Europe

with Georgia MATHIOU et al. | en

MyARCampus: an Augemented-Reality Campus navigator

with Vassiliki KOKKOROGIANNI et al. | en

OCTOPUS: Online Collaborative TOll-card-sharing PUblic System

with Elina BAGIAKOU et al. | el



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